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Exclusive Offer: Free collapsible six-pack cooler included with every rental— yours to keep!

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Pride Mobility Victory 10 Scooter Thumbnail Image
Pride Mobility Victory 10

Pride Mobility Victory 10:

Recommended for guests using Disney, Universal, or other shuttle transportation. This scooter will also fit in most vans or SUVs with half the back seat down.

Weight capacity = 325lbs

GoGo 4 Wheel Scooter Thumbnail Image
GoGo 4 Wheel

GO GO 4 Wheel:

Recommended for guests with a car, van, or SUV. This scooter will fit in the trunk/cargo area of most vehicles without taking up passenger space.

Weight capacity = 250lbs

  • No minimum!
  • Rental Protection $25 (does not cover theft) and is optional
  • Free collapsible six pack sized cooler included with every rental and yours to keep


  • 1 night  =  $55.00
  • 2 nights = $75.00
  • 3 nights = $85.00
  • 4 nights = $100.00
  • 5 nights = $115.00
  • 6 nights = $130.00
  • 7 nights = $145.00
  • 8 nights = $155.00
  • 9 nights = $165.00
  • 10 nights = $175.00

Worry-Free Orlando Scooter Rental!

The family at Tanner Scooter Rentals offers the personal touches that make your rental easy and worry free. We don’t just rent scooters. We keep your vacation rolling smoothly.

Tanner Scooter Rentals offers:

  • Free delivery & pickup
  • Personal scooter instruction at delivery
  • On-Time Guarantee

We’ll show you how easy it is to maneuver crowds and narrow attraction lines with our clean, comfortable, high-quality scooters. Our delivery includes personal scooter operation instruction.

While other scooter rental companies are crisscrossing Orlando dropping off hundreds of scooters as fast as possible, we’re taking the time to work with each and every one of our customers to make sure they’re completely comfortable with their rental. Try getting that level of service from delivery drivers who treat you like another stop on their list.

Orlando’s Only On-Time Scooter Delivery Guarantee

Who wants to spend their vacation waiting for their scooter delivery? The big guys drive all over Central Florida delivering scooters and you know what happens when yours is in the front of the truck? You wait. And you wait. And you wait. Not with Tanner Scooter Rentals. We are the only Orlando Scooter Rental company with an On-Time Delivery Guarantee. Ask about it when you make you reservation.

Nobody Makes Your Scooter Rental Faster or Easier!

  • You don’t spend hours waiting for the delivery truck from the other guys who are making hundreds of deliveries
  • Scooter comes fully charged and ready to roll!
  • Each model easily adjusts to your height—just ask our delivery specialist for help!
  • Scooters fold up to fit easily in compact cars, monorails, buses and boats!

Don’t Leave Your Vacation to Chance—Get Guaranteed Quality You Can Trust!

Each theme park only has a limited number of electric conveyance vehicles (ECV) available. If you don’t arrive early, all the theme park rentals could be gone by the time you arrive! Don’t risk ruining your vacation. Reserve your scooter with us in advance and be 100% certain you’ll have a clean, perfectly running scooter ready for you no matter how busy the theme parks get.

At Tanner Scooter Rentals we have the newest inventory of Pride Mobility Victory 10 Scooters. We offer several models to choose from, so you get the perfect scooter for your needs. At the theme parks, you’re limited to whatever they have available. Trust us—the wrong scooter can make a long day at the attractions much less enjoyable.

"Thank you so much for such a great experience! It truly made our trip and we could not do without the scooter. We will be sure to use your service when we return next year!"

-- Brett R. --
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